Are the numbers driving you?  Even when your metrics shout success, are you winning?  Are you making impact or just managing metrics?

In our current world, numbers seem to rule.  Take a moment and observe the power that certain numbers have in assigning our value as individuals, value to the company, and value in the marketplace.  Examine how attached we are to these numbers.

If you’re in sales or running your own business, you measure your success by the number of prospects you close.  But are you sacrificing your long term sustainability and marketability as a business, as a top producer, when you only focus on the immediate return?  Whether you are in sales, or not, as an individual, manager, or senior leader you are sized up and measured against your peers and your competitors in your industry.  In many organizations, you are competing against your peers just to drive up your numbers on your annual reviews.

Yes, your livelihood depends on your quantitative performance.  However, what price are you paying?

There are a few individuals in the world who seem to be the lucky ones.  They are living the life of their dreams without fear of the numbers.  Instead, they are driven by their inner desire to follow their passions and naturally attract success.  Do they know something you don’t?

Over the past 25 years, I have been investigating, researching, and testing multiple diverse theories of success and happiness.  What emerged was that you couldn’t engage in just following someone else’s goals or force yourself to act, be, or live opposite your natural self, without discomfort, pain, or struggle.  Experiencing this angst first hand fueled my quest to discover the fundamental process for finding true success and happiness.  If you are trying to convince yourself and everyone around you that you are working hard at success, you may be actually experiencing the opposite of true success and just be focusing on the extrinsic goals others have set for you.  It may feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel, in a cage, getting nowhere fast as you work against your natural self.

In his recent and timely book, “Drive:  The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,” Dan Pink describes: “Goals that people set for themselves and that are devoted to attaining mastery are usually healthy.  But goals imposed by others-sales targets, quarterly returns, standardized test scores, and so on-can sometimes have dangerous side effects.

Remember, success is relative.  For some, success might be living in a beach house in the Caribbean, painting, and selling your artwork in your own local art gallery.  For others, it’s being a popular best selling author and motivational speaker.  The key is to discover and get clear about your ideal scenario.  If you’re not clear about your long-term vision or where you’re headed, then odds are that you’re on the nowhere road.  On this road, it’s easy to just succumb to someone else’s vision, or just comply with the world’s expectations instead of creating your own.

Before they begin coaching, many of my clients have never taken the time or given themselves permission to find out what they really want out of life.  They seem to fall into their jobs, or their careers, and never pause to question if this is the career or life they truly want.  If this describes you, it is easy to see how you could easily be run by the numbers and how they could actually define you, your status, and your worth.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t follow what everybody expected you to do?  If you have spent your life trying to please everybody in your life, have you ever really figured out what will please you?  If your scorecard reflects all wins, you have lost if these are not your dreams, just goals imposed on by others.

So, start with a first step.  Decide today that you will not make any big changes immediately until you have all the facts and information and you are perfectly clear about what you truly want.  As Scarlett O’Hara proclaims in “Gone With the Wind: …After all, tomorrow is another day.

With clarity, the decisions become easy.  When things are clear, you know what makes sense.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to set a goal to discover what you truly want out of your job, your career, your relationships, and your life.  It is too easy to blame everybody but yourself for your experiences.  But a lot of it is really up to you.  A few of us can do this on our own.

However, if you need support to gain clarity and separate the numbers from your true goals, then choose coaching.

Are you ready to step aboard and discover how you might live and start to thrive?  Try out a free coaching consultation with Wanda Ropa, your success coach to get clear about where you’re going with your career, or with your life so you can develop a strategic plan that really works for you.  With clarity, success becomes a natural outcome.

Posted by Wanda Ropa, The Success Coach.

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