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Oregon Executive Coaches

Oregon Executive Coaches


Give Us an Hour a Week and We'll Give you a Partner and Board of Advisors


To build a business and career you can be proud of, you will find few better means of transport than with one of our Oregon executive coachesExecutive coaching has more data behind its astonishing return on coaching investment than any other type of coaching.  Just ask for your free coaching consultation and we'll talk to you about your coaching goals in greater detail and suggest a coach we think would be right for you and your business. 

Our Oregon Executive Coaches


Cameron Powell, Founder and Executive Coach

C.J. Liu - Executive Coach

Kate McNulty, Executive Coach

Ed Israel, Executive and Sales Coach


Cameron - Executive Coach


Oregon Executive Coach - Cameron

I'm Cameron Powell, founder of Feroce and certified executive and business coach.  I have a great deal of professional experience in running businesses and business coaching.  I've also been a successful speaker, consultant, and leadership consultant and trainer, an attorney and General Counsel, a VP-level executive, and an entrepreneur myself. 


Now, using 360-degree assessments and a pioneering concept in coaching that I call Six Ways of Listening, along with Guided Creative Exploration and techniques drawn from recent advances in Free Coaching Consultationthe science of goal-achievement, I guide executive clients through the transitions and breakthroughs that open them up to greater success and fulfillment.

Build a business you can be proud of -- and get a hand doing it
Get rid of the blocks that you set up for yourself

Learn how to lead with authenticity -- and multiply the results you inspire

Manage your time better and improve your work-life balance

Learn how you make decisions, and improve your choices through increased awareness
Be more authentic -- and more comfortable and confident in your relations with employees, vendors, and others

Read Cameron's longer bio.


C.J. LiuOregon Executive Coach - CJ


C.J. Liu is an executive coach who has worked with individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.  C.J. is a former CFO and strategic consultant who brings the know-how of more than 20 years of business, finance, and product development experience to her coaching clients.  C.J. has worked at some of the leading Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, General Electric, and Clorox.  Before joining Feroce Consulting, C.J. served as an in-house executive/business coach at Microsoft and she continues to work with teams and individuals there today.  C.J. is a rarity in the world of business/career coaching – she is one of few certified professional coaches with an MBA from a top-ranked program.

C.J. has coached executive directors at non-profits, business owners, and entrepreneurs on the issues that can create…or undermine… success: effective leadership and communications, conflict resolution, how to develop strong working relationships, and the hows and whys of emotional intelligence.  C.J.’s strong business background and diverse experience in product development, strategic planning, marketing, finance, and business development provides her coaching clients with a nice balance of Business IQ and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

C.J. is pragmatic and realistic, and she brings an intense laser-like focus to issues of importance to her clients, which allows them to make quicker progress.  At the same time, she is perceptive, intuitive, optimistic, and light hearted, which is especially important in supporting her clients who are facing challenging business issues.


Kate - Executive Coach


Oregon Executive Coaches - Kate

I'm Kate McNulty, and I coach individuals and organizations in achieving greater satisfaction and creativity.  I'm a member of the Northwest Coaches Association.  My approach includes an array of tools based in research from the behavioral and social sciences, combined with imaginative thinking and optimism.  The breadth and depth of my professional training and business experience allow me to work in an extremely focused and efficient way, getting to the heart of your matters and yielding substantial results. 


I have been helping people grow for over 25 years.  I have been in private practice as a clinical social worker since 2000, and made the transition to coaching in 2003.  I work with people on a variety on goals, including:

refining social skills and emotional intelligence
developing judgment and making well-informed decisions
finding career satisfaction
habit change toward increased health and wellness
improving relationships with intimates, friends, family and colleagues

I provide leadership and executive coaching and have consulted on:

• Ways to develop effective collaborative relationships within organizations; role definition and clarification; bringing together divergent perspectives
• Techniques for dealing with recruitment and retention concerns; I have conducted over 20,000 interviews over the years and have deep experience in this area.  I have also supervised a wide array of personnel in extremely demanding circumstances, such as in psychiatric ER and crisis centers.
• Helping leaders use emotional intelligence research in supervising teamwork and managing transitions
• Entrepreneurial, financial, organizational, self-promotion and business-building skills for self-employment

Read Kate's full bio.




Ed Israel is an executive coach, entrepreneur, and sales expert.  Before becoming a full-time coach, Ed was an entrepreneur and, before that,Oregon Executive Coach - Ed president and CEO of CTR, Inc., an IT services and software development company.  During his tenure at the helm of CTR, Ed grew the company from $1,000,000 to a run rate of $40,000,000 in revenues.  At CTR, Ed spent decades coaching his employees on their performance in careers as well as their career growth and transitions.  Ed finished his education in Business Management from Portland State University and received special Harvard business school executive training at the IBM campus in White Plains, New York.

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