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Washington and Oregon Career Coaches


You Don't Have to be a Wealthy Executive to Get Expert Career Guidance


career coaching
career coaching

The largest, most popular coaching site on the Internet was actually begun right here in the Pacific Northwest.  If you are looking for Oregon or Washington career coaches, you'll find the best selection at Feroce Coaching.  Half of our large coaching staff is based in the Seattle and Portland metro areas -- want to see?  (Though most coaching worldwide is phone coaching).


Career coaching can help you find career direction and be happier and more successful -- and it can be tax-deductible.  The career coach isn't just for corporate executives, athletes, and celebrities anymore.  Because of coaching, thousands of real people now love their careers as they never thought they could.


Discover a Happier Career Through Coaching


   career coaching Career Coaching:  The Busy Person's Way to Get a Great New Career.  Want a new boss?  Through coaching and state-of-the-art career assessment tools, we'll help you identify -- and then actually begin to work toward -- your ideal career environment, or to identify and start your own business -- or to be more effective, authentic, and prosperous in the career you have.  What motivates you? What are your values?  How do you like to communicate and be communicated with?  What are your strengths, which form the basis of your resume and cover letter's career brand?  We can give you the answers in a 65-page report for use in careers and relationships.

   career coaching Make Better, Smarter Decisions in Life and Work.  People are hired and promoted based on job skills, and they're stuck or fired because of interpersonal skills.  Let us help you with life skills that will last far beyond coaching's end. 

   career coaching Save Time and be More Efficient, and Effective, in your life, home, career, or business.  Manage your time, balance your life, and reduce your stress!


   career coaching Who Else Wants a New Career?  Clients seeking coaching on jobs, resumes and cover letters, employment, and their careers come to Feroce with one or more of 14 Early Warning Signs of Career Trouble, and we work with them all.  Download 2 FREE chapters from the Strategic Life Planning Handbook we use with many clients.


   career coaching Learn How You Too Can Start Your Own BusinessOur career coaches all have real experience conceiving and starting up their own businesses!  And they are highly sought-after entrepreneurial consultants in their own rights.  So they're perfect for the person who wants to be his or her own boss, whether full-time or just part-time to start.  We can help you get where you want to go.


Free Coaching Consultation


Washington and Oregon Career Coaches


Portland Seattle career coach Cameron Powell

I'm Cameron Powell, based in Seattle and Portland.  I'm the founder of Feroce, and our Head Coach.  I am a member of the International Coach Academy and a Life Coaching Guide for Vocation Vacations.  I'm also the Featured Career Coach on and  I have a lot of experience coaching people through career transitions, but I've also successfully navigated several careers myself:  public speaker, leadership coach, attorney, executive, entrepreneur, and more.  Let me introduce you to the rest of my team . . .


C.J. Liu (Seattle) is a career coach who has worked with individuals, groups, teams, andSeattle career coach CJ Liu organizations.  As a former CFO and marketing and strategic consultant, she has over 20 years of business experience in a variety of industries and functional areas.  This extensive business background enables C.J.  to quickly understand the breadth and depth of many career-related issues.  Before joining Feroce Consulting, C.J. served as an in-house executive/business coach at Microsoft.


Kate McNulty (Portland) has a deep, decades-long, and unusual background in both therapy andPortland career coach Kate McNulty running businesses, a combination that's been perfect for helping people to identify and make real changes in their lives and careers.  She has created several of her own transformations in her quite varied careers, working in both non-profit and corporate settings.


She would love to talk over the yearnings you may feel about your work life and how career coaching (and business entrepreneur coaching) may be useful.  Discover a better direction together, before more time passes!


Portland career coach Will Wiebe

Will Wiebe (Portland) is a Certified Professional Coach, has an M.S. in Human Relations & Organizational Development, and 25 years of professional experience with non-government organizations, executive leadership, organizational management, community relations, civic engagement, and human development.  Will’s mission and passion is to guide individuals, groups, and organizations in a process of self-discovery and transformation that will un-lock their full potential, and to provide a life-giving environment for professional and personal human development.


Portland career coach Ed Israel

Ed Israel (Portland) is a career coach, entrepreneur, and sales expert.  Before becoming a full-time coach, Ed was an entrepreneur and, before that, president and CEO of CTR, Inc., an IT services and software development company.  At CTR, Ed spent decades coaching his employees on their performance in careers as well as their career growth and transitions.  Ed finished his education in Business Management from Portland State University and received special Harvard business school executive training at the IBM campus in White Plains, New York.


Great Coaches Outside of Pacific Northwest


Wendy Billie (Washington, D.C.) doubles an in-house career coach with a major Fortune 50 company, and we're excited to add her capabilities on our roster.  She is especially experienced with career testing and assessment, for those who want to try that route as a complement to their career coaching.  She has a great deal of experience in outplacement -- helping clients to figure out their next career move -- as well as in helping clients get to the next level in their current careers.  Also, she's a firecracker.  

Career Coach Anne Angerman

Anne Angerman (Denver) is a career coach with 25 years of professional experience with individuals, companies, non-profits, boards, and communities.  Utilizing her experience with a wealth of powerful career-oriented assessments, her passion is to help people to understand themselves better, and become successful in reaching their goals no matter what they are.  Anne has a B.S. in Psychology from Purdue University, a Master's degree Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin. 


Merrilee Olson-Axtell (Sonoma County), our certified assessments coach, specializes in helping our clients -- individuals, teams, and organizations -- identify their strengths and talents.  Clients gain insights into their best fit of careers and see significant improvement in performance ability, confidence, and communication when they put the information they’ve gained to work.



Our Deep Career Coach Bench


Compare our career coaches and decide which one's right for you -- and if you can't decide, no matter -- in the free consultation we'll use our expertise to place you with the best coach for you!Free Coaching Consultation


We are career coaches because we have mastered in our own lives the art of personal reinvention, but, more importantly, we have maintained our personal integrity and work-life balance, greatly improved our navigation of intimate relationships, managed our time well, and pursued an ethic of excellence and personal fulfillment in life and work.  We've created exactly the lives we want -- and we want to get you yours.  And because all coaching is life coaching after the first three sessions, we recommend that all clients find career coaches who have expertise in whole life coaching.  To see how we can accelerate your career development (and life satisfaction), take a look at a few of our success stories, or some recent breakthrough coaching conversations.


We know from personal experience how people get lost on the way to our dream job, and what prevents many from ever finding it.  Using a Pioneering Concept in coaching that I call Six Ways of Listening, along with a structured, 6-to-8-week Strategic Life Planning Handbook:  The Creation of the Future Self and other tools, we can guide you through the breakthroughs that open you up to greater career success and fulfillment.


During sessions, we are known to surprise clients with powerful new perspectives that give them direction at last.  You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Send us an email, or, better yet, press that blue button up there!


How did I get into career coaching?  During the last of a handful of my own times of darkness and doubt, I reinvented my career and myself more fully than ever before.  In the process, I became happier, more loving, even more materially successful.  I'm now doing exactly what I want to do, and I have in my life all the people, all the bounty, I could ask for.  I realized that what interested me more than anything in the world was the same transformative process.  


I have seen the power of the mind, and of intention. I have seen for myself and in my clients that if you are aligned with your values, your purpose, your very self, then you could, if you wished, work all the day long without growing tired -- and have even more energy at the end of the work day.  My life's work is to share what I have learned with others, and to work with people like you, who are also making the decision to become conquistadores of inner landscapes as a prelude to outside success.


Free Coaching Consultation






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Your Career Coaching Fee May Be Tax Deductible

In the U.S., expenses paid toward continuing education undertaken to maintain or improve your business and professional skills may be tax-deductible. See Treas. Reg. 1-162-5; Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203 F.2d 307.  Consult your tax advisor for further information.


Our career coaching clients live in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York City, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Madison, Milwaukee, NYC, Washington D.C., San Diego, Denver, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Honolulu, Baltimore, Boston, Kansas City, Omaha, Las Vegas, Newark, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Portland, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Jose, Phoenix, Tucson, Tampa, Olympia, Spokane, Tacoma, Palo Alto, Pasadena, Sacramento, Santa Monica, Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven, Albuquerque, Austin, Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Eugene, Salem, and many more!

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