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Parent Coach Without Borders


With Susan Epstein's Parent Coaching, Be the Best Parent You Can Be

To be a parent is to assume one of the most critical responsibilities of being a human being.  In great power is great responsibility, but what happens when you've reached the end of your ideas, your patience, and the advice of friends?  The regrets of parents are preventable, but how?  There is very little training, guidance, or assistance available.  Only a parent coach offers specific training and expertise, one-on-one mentorship, follow-through that's absolutely assured, and real-world solutions customized for your situation! 


Enter our highly experienced parent coach, who keeps prices down and your precious time maximized by the most common form of coaching, phone coaching.  If, like many clients, you're not yet that familiar with how coaching is done, read why phone coaching is the most inexpensive, efficient, and requested form of coaching in the world.  And: 


Imagine having a clear vision of what values you want to pass down to your children

Imagine feeling deeply fulfilled as a mom or dad

Imagine living a balanced life in which you have time for yourself and your partner



Raise Children You Will Be Proud of


I'm Susan Epstein, family therapist, family coach, and parent coach, and my coaching services will provide you with real answers to real problems that you are having.  Parent coaching provides understanding, compassion, support, structure and accountability. Free Coaching Consultation

Create a life that works where there is ample time for you and the activities that you have left behind.  (Read a book!)

Rekindle the relationship with your spouse or for single parents have the motivation and the time to seek out meaningful relationships.  (Go out on a date!)

Perform better at work and take advantage of more of the opportunities for you to be successful and shine.  (Get promoted or get a raise!)

Gain respect from your children and enjoy a peaceful home.  (No more yelling!)  Is a teen life coach what you need?

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and hello to creating wonderful memories for you and your children of your special and unique family.  (Breathe!)

You can be the parent you always wanted to be!  You will clarify your deepest values and purpose, assess your home life and relationships, plan desired changes, and take action to achieve your goals -- all with the support of a seasoned parent coach.  Through learning how to organize your time and creating balance at work and home you will also gain tremendous satisfaction as a parent: 

I learned early on in coaching to look my children in the eye 5 times a day when they talk to me.  It was good advice.  Connect to people.  Slow down.  Feel your feelings and live an authentic life.  If I continue to run at society's pace and keep up, I will find out that it isn't me.  I was a pleaser.

Susan taught me, "Define your values and parent accordingly."  The competition and comparison among mothers can blind the new mother. People are all unique and there is no formula to good parenting.  Be true to yourself and your own unique values.  Take time to figure out what these are.  After coaching I took a spiritual path and found out that the best way to be true to yourself is through quiet contemplative time.  Take time each day to observe your feelings, without judgment, and listen to the voice that is deep inside for direction.  You'd be surprised to find how much discipline it takes to stick to it -- taking time out each day for quiet contemplation, but it is important in staying well.

-- Dorothy Reiser

How Do You Measure Up?  Take The Parenting Quiz

1.  Are you overwhelmed with parenting?
2.  Are you exhausted most of the time?
3.  Do you have very little time for yourself?
4.  Are you dissatisfied with how you communicate with your children?
5.  Do you feel guilty most of the time?
6.  Are your relationships strained?
7.  Do you feel that you are not doing anything well?
8.  Do you feel that you are living in the fast lane?
9.  Do you have little patience?
10. Are you out of ideas?

If you answered yes to even one question on this list you may be experiencing parent burnout.  Don’t wait and don’t hesitate to contact Susan for a free coaching session.


Susan P, Epstein, LCSW, parent and family coach, works with parents and families looking for satisfaction, balance and growth.  Susan is an expert in the areas of family dynamics, parenting and child development and her unique blend of therapy and coaching combine to make her a powerful catalyst for change.

She practiced psychotherapy for 23 years before becoming a coach, writer and speaker.  Susan graduated from University of California at Berkeley School of Social Welfare.  She is a licensed clinical social worker in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Susan also completed training with the Coaches Training Institute, an internationally accredited coach training organization.  Learn more about Susan.Free Coaching Consultation


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