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Let Me Help You Create the Retirement You Deserve

Why, I'd even help you create a retirement better than you deserve, if that were possible.  Boring retirements should be outlawed.  How tragic, to work so hard and long only to let passion and excitement wither away, or to leave adventure and learning to others.  If you're alive, your lessons are not over.  My work as a 2young2retire-certified retirement coach is to help you re-discover your long-buried passions and lead you to the excitement and fulfillment you've been longing for.


How Retirement Coaching Will Change . . . Your . . . Life

While many retirees have planned for their financial well-being, most have not planned for the non-financial aspects of their retirement lifestyle.  They have not even considered the absolutely crucial questions that my clients and I answer every day:Retirement Coach Mino Sullivan

How will I spend my time when I’m no longer working full time?
Will a retirement of full-time leisure satisfy me? And if not, what will?
Do I want to work or do volunteer work? If so, how much do I want to work?
How will I develop a new sense of identity and my feeling of status in the community without my job and my business card?
How will I recreate the sense of purpose and meaning that my job gave me?2young2retire facilitator coach
How will my relationships change? How will I replace the sense of connectedness and develop new relationships that my former work colleagues provided?
What is my vision for my retirement?

If you have not given much thought to these questions, you are not alone.  In fact, the 76 million U.S. baby boomers who are retiring or approaching retirement spend more time planning for a two-week vacation than they do planning for their 30+ years of retirement!  But because older people are far healthier, wealthier and better educated than ever before, retirement opens them up to a whole new life phase of possibility, opportunity and personal growth.

For many people, retirement is only fulfilling when it can combine their existing talents with new dimensions of themselves that they now seek to express.  I have helped hundreds of clients just like you with:

Insight.  Get in touch with who you’ve become over the years.  Explore your values, your purpose, what motivates you, what you’ve enjoyed in your work and personal life and what you haven’t, your interests, skills, talents and knowledge.  This knowledge will enable you to make empowered retirement choices.

Applied Values.  Evaluate the benefits of work, like the status it gives you, how itFree Coaching Consultation structures your time, a sense of usefulness, financial remuneration and social connections. You’ll discover how important each of these factors is for you and if and how you want to recreate them in your “new retirement”.

Vision.  Create a template of what you want your “dream” retirement to look like.  How much leisure, work, volunteering, focus on health, family, relationships, spiritual well-being, learning and growth, and creativity do you want?

Action Plans.  Construct a plan to turn that “dream” into reality, and through our coaching relationship you will overcome fears and blocks that may limit you from taking the steps that will enable you to create what you really want.

I coach men and women, ages 50+, who neither want nor expect to live the next 30+ years from the sidelines.  Quite the opposite, they deeply desire a successful retirement experience enriched by the right mix of meaningful work, “give-back” to their community, time with family and friends, learning, and leisure.  How do we take that desire and transform it into your dream life?


By refusing to accept that retirement is an ending and replacing it with the “ah-ha” that the retirement of today is a unique spectrum of opportunities and possibilities only available to adults who have earned a lifetime of experience.  I’m a Certified Retirement and Executive Coach.  I’m also an entrepreneur, workshop leader, speaker, card-carrying AARP member, matriarch, and lifelong volunteer.

What Happens in Retirement Coaching?

For genuine success in retirement, the first step is to re-examine who you are, who you have become over the years: your identity, your life purpose and your values. With this new self-understanding, you will approach this life transition with a strong personal foundation, more passion and greater self-knowledge to handle challenges – a powerful advantage over many of the more than 11,000 Americans and Canadians who turn 55 everyday and retire with varying degrees of boredom, isolation, regret, and murky purpose.

I can’t say enough about Mino.  Her coaching has provided a clarity that I’ve never had before on what makes me unique and what my personal mission is on earth.  It’s a framework not just in finding an ideal position but in everyday living and decision making.”
R. Clarke, Executive Director of Adventure Unlimited, Denver, CO.


How I Became a Change Master For People Like You

Founder of 3 businesses, I bring the interpersonal, analytical and implementation skill sets necessary to smooth your transition to vital retirement.

Longevity and Results.  Twenty-plus years (and still counting) of leadership experience as a Career Transitions Coach, an Executive Coach, a Mentor Coach for the New England Chapter of the International Coach Federation, an Executive Search Professional, and a Company President.

National Reach.  Because I do my retirement coaching over the phone with clients from all over the country, I am certified by the Executive Coach Institute, am a RSP-Trained Retirement Coach, and 2young2retire facilitator.

Business Savvy.  I am President of Recreating Retirement and Career Success Coaching, both located in Cambridge, MA.

Deepening Connections.  I've served as a charter board member of New England Women's Business Owners and served on the Board of Directors of the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE).  (In New England, my networking reach is broad).  From 1980 to 1990, I was President of The Sullivan Group, an executive search firm serving closely held technology-based New England companies.  I later joined Management Recruiters of New England, and as Vice President of Internet Recruiting, was awarded the company's top honors for performance, leadership and dedication.

Attention to Legacy. In addition to my business and coaching pursuits, I bring experience and enthusiasm to community service, pastoral counseling, and Hospice service.

Imagine whatever art you practice having every tool of that practice available to you at your fingertips.  This is what it's like having Mino as your coach.  Professionally and personally, I now have a repertoire of processes to perform at my best at the art of life.”
J. Palter, President, The Cycle Loft, Burlington, MA


By supporting, encouraging, and motivating you, I will help keep you on track and hold your vision high even when it dims for you to enable you to achieve your goals. Together, we will empower you to plan for and create your own “dream” retirement filled with vitality, fulfillment and joy!

Don’t wait until you’re 70 and perhaps feeling lost and unfulfilled.  Begin to create your “dream” retirement today!  Take that first step and ask for a free telephone consultation.Free Coaching Consultation



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