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Internet business coaching begins with a reality check of our client's online strategies or e-commerce business ideas. We often save our clients a lot of time and money, and help them be more successful, by vetting their ideas for feasibility and even doing the kind of due diligence we know from our days in venture capital. But one of our favorite aspects of Internet coaching is developing online marketing and advertising strategies, from search engine optimization to paid search engine advertising.

Free Coaching Consultation


Paid search may be distinguished from search engine optimization (SEO) in the following ways:


o  You pay for SEO when you hire an SEO consulting firm (in one large upfront fee), or when you or someone in your company expends the time to do it yourself (something we can much more cheaply show you how to do; see search engine optimization). Over time, particularly if you do the SEO yourself, this option can be more cost-effective.


o  You pay for paid search whenever a potential customer clicks on your ad -- in other words, you only pay for performance, not upfront without guarantee


o  SEO will not work immediately, particularly on brand-new sites. Search engines often "sandbox" new sites from appearing very highly in "natural search results."  For this reason, paid search can be a good early-stage strategy until your natural search SEO kicks in.


What You Need to Know


First, you need to know in which search engines to submit your ads.  Google may be the largest of them, but we can explain several reasons why Google may not be the best option for you -- and which search engines may take that prize. Just a few of the other search engines that offer paid search include:  Overture (or Yahoo Search), FindWhat, and Searchfeed.  There are numerous others.  We'll tell you which ones are bargains, so that you can pay the least per visitor possible.  A visitor is a visitor:  why pay Google 10 times the amount you'd pay one of our other recommendations?


Second, you need to know how to choose your keywords and optimize them to your message, or ad, and your landing page.


Third, you need to know how to adjust your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages in response to traffic patterns and conversion rates.


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Or, contact us now about Internet business coaching.

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