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small business coaching  
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small business coaching
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small business coaching

Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching


Personal Business Coaches for Small Business


Feroce’s small business coaching is done by coaches with strong backgrounds in small business creation and management.  Feroce's business coaches have started up, run, managed, mentored, and even successfully sold over a dozen companies.  We’ve created companies that sold products or services via the Internet, advised others doing the same and served on their boards of directors, and advised still other businesses on marketing, advertising, domain name and intellectual property protection, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, web usability and design, and much more.  We coach according to principles of best business practices, including those popularized by Michael Gerber in the E-Myth books.


We have worked with businessmen and businesswomen all over the world, in fields from advertising to restaurant management, from social entrepreneurship and non-profits to real estate and electric motors.  As small business coaches and personal business coaches, we use the coaching process to identify gaps, set goals, and help business owners to be accountable for quantifiable outcomes. Free Coaching Consultation


We coach small and large businesses, management, individual executives, boards of directors, individual entrepreneurs, existing start-up companies, and small businesses attempting to build a business from the ground up.  Just a few of the areas in which we've helped people include:

o Business plans
o Venture capital fund-raising
o Marketing strategies

o Search engine optimization -- by far the least expensive, most cost-effective form of online marketing, period.
o Exit strategies
o Professionals in private practice
o Executives thinking of leaving companies and launching businesses

o Strategic planning
o Leadership Coaching
o Process re-engineering
o Speech coaching and effective, persuasive presentations
o Creating a compelling vision
o Writing coaching for effective, clear, and productivity-enhancing communications
o Team-building, including launching and developing teams
o 360-degree reviews of managers and employees
o Developing Internet strategies

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