Business Coaching Reviews

Usually the advisers skilled in business lack some of the more subtle skills necessary to help a client go through the growth needed to make it to the next level. And just as unfortunate, many people skilled in helping people grow are woefully inadequate in assisting with practical business matters.

What I really appreciate about Cameron Powell is his wide range of highly developed skills, and his simple, unadorned humanity. It’s the unique combination of qualities he has that allowed me to make breakthroughs in developing my business I’ve been waiting 20 years to make!

David Garfinkel, Founder, World Copywriting Institute

We were making some critical business decisions and needed some good counsel and small business coaching fast. About half an hour after we called Cameron, without notice, to ask him to examine our situation, he called back with a detailed analysis, a set of questions we should ask as we moved forward, and recommendations. Just like that, we had some crucial questions answered so we could move forward without any delay.

L.I., Step Technologies

Cameron – Thank you for the marketing info. Also, it occurred to me today as I was driving along that you said some very kind things yesterday in response to my question about what impressions I give. I was focused on the branding idea so what I heard you say was not to feel obligated to appear strong all the time in every situation. That it’s ok to have other dimensions to my personality. But today I thought, … hey, those were really nice things that Cameron said to/about me. That was nice. It made me smile. You are an encourager. 🙂  Thank you

J.E., North Carolina

Dear Dr. Chris,

I want other people to know how you went above & beyond my expectations of what a coach would offer. You were razor sharp and laser focused in pinpointing key points that I needed to focus on to get better, bigger results in my business and in my life.

One session alone in which you got me to understand how I can be more effective in my business is revolutionizing my productivity – not just for the short term, but to last for my whole career.

Your intuitive understanding of my challenges and concerns, as well as my strengths and value have made a huge difference to me, especially in the way you were able to determine what concepts and tools I needed to be more effective and to feel better about myself.

Thank You so much!

Michael James, The James Brothers Real Estate, RE/MAX Properties

Life Coaching Reviews

Life coaching has been the foundational element in the successful start-up and implementation of my vision and goal, which existed only on paper for almost three years.

Dr. Chris helped me set a goal to develop a specific, tangible plan that would jump-start this program. In just a few sessions we had created a workable program development plan, plus had examined the personal dynamics that were stalling my ability to launch the program.

I gained tremendous insight, received encouragement and practical tools that kept me focused and energized. Thanks to these coaching sessions with Dr. Chris, Xdream is on its way to becoming a grassroots initiative that will truly make a difference.

From the beginning Dr. Chris inspired me with her genuine passion for my goal. She truly believed in me and my dream before I did! I highly encourage you to explore the benefits of partnering with Dr. Chris to see YOUR dreams come true.

Keith Maust, Promotions and Advertising Director, Solar Direct, Bradenton, FL

Career Coaching Reviews

The work we did together was absolutely worth the investment. I would like to thank you. You have enormously helped me at a critical time. — G.G. Boston, MA

Cameron, before I met you I thought this type of work would be medicinal — good for me, but painful, a drag. To my surprise, I enjoy the calls.  Also, I believe I’m making good progress. — Name withheld

I walked away from our session with one very important point – that I have been defining myself, my identity, by my definition of success (which is a lot of money, big house, etc.) – and until I stop defining myself that way, I will never be happy. This is not easy to do, however, because I measure myself by my accomplishments.

L.B., Massachusetts

It has been nothing but fabulous to be able to communicate with you, the impact is so incredible: knowing I could get your advice while going through rough waters made a world of difference. — Name Withheld

Thank you, Cameron. Since we started the coaching, I see & feel some drastic improvements. — Name Withheld

Cameron, Here is what I received today, after my meeting yesterday, from two of the reasons for my seeking out a coach:

Julie, I wanted to congratulate you on creating a top notch meeting yesterday. I especially appreciated how you kept it very specific, how you spoke to them, and responded to their questions. It was a pleasure attending such a meeting.

And this from Mike:

You two are great professional role models for the staff. Keep up the great work. Mike

In the meantime, Bob, the CEO, asked me to jot down via email what I wanted to talk to him about at the meeting you and I agreed we’d set up. That was easy, because I used the rehearsed text from you. — Julie, California


I’ve been thinking about you a lot! I want to talk to you again. Everything is going well, I have been feeling happy these days, but every time I talk to you I feel even better so …  every cent I’ve spent has been totally worth it. Your advice has been life changing and will be in the long run.

K., Seattle, WA

Career and life coaching with the right person can be an incredibly profound tool to bring satisfaction into your life. Cameron offers a refreshingly new approach and does an excellent job of asking more internal questions. He challenges the programming I have absorbed over the years so that I can test validity, authenticity, and determine if those ways of thinking still work for me. He is a fresh pair of eyes looking at the most important piece of the equation, ME. I am an unconventional person and may not likely fit into the status quo of jobs. I need a detective like Cameron to look at my story from unconventional angles. Cameron is incredibly resourceful and has a large knowledge and network base to draw from so that I can compare industries and their trends.

I had fallen into the all too common trap of putting too much effort into trying to fulfill someone else’s perception of who I really was. I am so fortunate that Cameron had the sense to start looking where the true motivator was, inside. I no longer feel like I have to censor my internal compass in order to comply with a spreadsheet of questions designed to ‘fit’ me in to something. Finally I feel like there is hope, someone is listening…I make my own fit – thanks, Cameron.

— Lisa A., Portland, Oregon.

When you think about a sports coach, you think about an individual who is able to bring together many diverse personality types with many different skill sets and who then molds them into a focused, single-minded team to create success after success. Individual coaching does very much the same for the individual. We each are made up of multiple personalities operating as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, employees, employers, business owners, etc. We also have many different skill sets for each of these areas of performance.

Cameron Powell sees this big picture. With his unique questioning style and intuitive insights, he broadens your view of yourself to include all of these personalities and all of these skill sets. He is then able to help you define your life’s passion. Once you have clarified this passion, he then leads you through insightful questions, to enable you to get a very clear focus of how you can bring your unique skills from each area of your life and apply them to implement your passion and achieve your dreams and goals.

He personally sets up a very supportive environment in which you can take emotional risk to determine what your true passion is and how you want to apply it in this world. Like any effective sports coach, he then motivates you to stretch even further and go beyond your expectations making your dreams and goals even larger.

When I first contacted Cameron, I was in a deep depression. His questions and input helped me to see that I was not creating my depression in a vacuum but that I had placed myself in an environment where anyone would feel depressed. His input really reminded me that I could choose to live a different life filled with support and love. To fulfill my passion I could live by providing that for others while I create my own life. I also understood that it may take some time to manifest in the real world or it could manifest immediately. Whichever way it chooses to present itself to me I know it is on its way because I have chosen to live differently.

— C.R., North Carolina

Laura is fantastic. She cuts to the root of what is holding you back but in a very gentle, spiritual, and yet scientifically rational way.

– David Angel Rodriguez, photographer, screenwriter.

When I contacted Laura, I hoped to find someone that would help me get organized and hold me accountable for some changes until I became more disciplined. I achieved the discipline but in an unexpected way. Laura taught me how to love and accept myself and all the other things became very easy. I have accomplished so many things with Laura’s teachings, I went from never working out to working out 4 times a week in yoga classes and with a personal trainer.

I have reached my financial goals by sorting through the chaos and taking charge of my finances, and my spiritual life is on fire right now because Laura taught me invaluable lessons about awareness! I feel empowered in a way I never knew was possible. I have also been experiencing a joy in ways I never knew was possible. I plan to work with Laura again in the near future!

Maryann, Atlanta, GA

Weight Loss Coaching Reviews

Before coaching with Susan I was feeling very tired and always looking for food whether or not I had just eaten.  I was short of breath very easily, my heart pounded with minimal exertion, and my feet hurt.  I was afraid that I had some serious health problems.  I began weight loss coaching with Susan and quickly saw results.  I was able to easily follow the program with the help of my coach, Susan Epstein.

In approximately 2 1/2 months I had lost 27 pounds and felt like a new person.  I still have a ways to go but I am hopeful that I may reach my weight loss goal this time.  People around me are amazed by the change and ask me about it all the time.  I can’t say enough about the coaching I receive.  Thanks!


In February I had my annual physical.  It was the first time in the past 12 years when I didn’t dread getting weighed.  In fact I looked forward to it.  Let me explain.

I really never had a weight problem throughout my childhood and young adult life.  Then I turned 40.  It was downhill from then (or uphill on the scale).  I probably put on about 3-5 pounds a year and by the time I was 55 I was 45 pounds overweight.  Although I wasn’t on any medications for high blood pressure or high cholesterol, my numbers were escalating.  Add in my slowing metabolism, perimenopause, and post-menopause, and losing weight felt impossible.

Even though I have a degree in public health and was well informed on good nutrition, nothing I did was successful.  I tried Weight Watchers and lost 14 pounds.  Unfortunately I put it back on, plus some.  Then I tried the new over the counter drug ALLI.  What I lost was a big chunk of change.  I was resigned to be a very chunky middle-aged woman.

Then my cousin Susie (and best friend) called me this past September and told me about a program she had started.  She wanted to lose 20 pounds and had already lost six.  She knew how I had been struggling with my weight and my poor self image.  I avoided mirrors at every turn.  She thought it would be fun to lose weight together and she would be my health coach.  Five months later and 47 pounds lighter I’m a believer.

It was easy and fun and made me examine my eating habits. I came to realize that my particular downfall (everyone has one or more) was picking while cooking and noshing throughout the day.  I no longer do that.  In fact sometimes I find myself putting food in my mouth and stopping.  I say to myself “Myself, what are you doing?  You aren’t even hungry!”  I have changed my behavior and I am confident that I will stay at my goal weight through the transition, maintenance program and the rest of my life.

It’s been a remarkable journey!
Mindy Mazur

Leadership Coaching Reviews

Hi Christine,

I would be delighted to give a testimonial regarding your presentation.  You are such a bright light in the world and to even be in your company is in and of itself an honor.  Your contribution was off the map, beyond our wildest expectations and we still to this day quote you dearest Dr. Rudd.  Warmest regards.


Parent Coaching Reviews

I learned early on in coaching to look my children in the eye 5 times a day when they talk to me. It was good advice. Connect to people. Slow down. Feel your feelings and live an authentic life. If I continue to run at society’s pace and keep up, I will find out that it isn’t me. I was a pleaser.

Susan taught me, “Define your values and parent accordingly.” The competition and comparison among mothers can blind the new mother. People are all unique and there is no formula to good parenting. Be true to yourself and your own unique values. Take time to figure out what these are. After coaching I took a spiritual path and found out that the best way to be true to yourself is through quiet contemplative time. Take time each day to observe your feelings, without judgment, and listen to the voice that is deep inside for direction. You’d be surprised to find how much discipline it takes to stick to it — taking time out each day for quiet contemplation, but it is important in staying well.

Dorothy Reiser

I couldn’t be happier!

Susan was a huge gift at a very critical time. A coach helps to cut to the chase with out all the emotional attachment. They can quickly see what we don’t (or choose not to). A coach holds you accountable. If you mess up, well big deal- they are your goals anyway… but if someone is there saying- are you sure about that choice? You said you wanted blank, blank, blank… and can say it in a very nonjudgmental way- wow – it can really help you get on track!

I am very thankful for all Susan has taught me!

— Debbie Kelly, Rutland, Vt

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