Usually the advisers skilled in business lack some of the more subtle skills necessary to help a client go through the growth needed to make it to the next level. And just as unfortunate, many people skilled in helping people grow are woefully inadequate in assisting with practical business matters.

What I really appreciate about Cameron Powell is his wide range of highly developed skills, and his simple, unadorned humanity. It’s the unique combination of qualities he has that allowed me to make breakthroughs in developing my business I’ve been waiting 20 years to make!

David Garfinkel, Founder, World Copywriting Institute

We were making some critical business decisions and needed some good counsel and small business coaching fast. About half an hour after we called Cameron, without notice, to ask him to examine our situation, he called back with a detailed analysis, a set of questions we should ask as we moved forward, and recommendations. Just like that, we had some crucial questions answered so we could move forward without any delay.

L.I., Step Technologies

Cameron – Thank you for the marketing info. Also, it occurred to me today as I was driving along that you said some very kind things yesterday in response to my question about what impressions I give. I was focused on the branding idea so what I heard you say was not to feel obligated to appear strong all the time in every situation. That it’s ok to have other dimensions to my personality. But today I thought, … hey, those were really nice things that Cameron said to/about me. That was nice. It made me smile. You are an encourager. Thank you

J.E., North Carolina

Dear Dr. Chris,

I want other people to know how you went above & beyond my expectations of what a coach would offer. You were razor sharp and laser focused in pinpointing key points that I needed to focus on to get better, bigger results in my business and in my life.

One session alone in which you got me to understand how I can be more effective in my business is revolutionizing my productivity – not just for the short term, but to last for my whole career.

Your intuitive understanding of my challenges and concerns, as well as my strengths and value have made a huge difference to me, especially in the way you were able to determine what concepts and tools I needed to be more effective and to feel better about myself.

Thank You so much!

Michael James, The James Brothers Real Estate, RE/MAX Properties

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