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Career Coach Anne Angerman

Anne Angerman

“Some friends say I am lucky to have obtained a career that I love, but I say it is not luck but rather having the ability to identify my strengths made possible because of [Career Matters’] wonderful assessments and insight.”
— 45-year-old C. Gener, IT Professional

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Life and Career Coach Wendy Billie

Coach Wendy Billie

When I came to coaching, all I knew was that I needed a change in my career, and in my life.  I had so many ideas and thoughts, and fears, about what to do next.  Wendy helped me prioritize my values, pointed out where I was being untrue to those values in my current career, and guided me to a change that is honest and authentic to who I am.  I was also amazed at how quickly I created a relationship with Wendy, and how easy it was to trust her with my fears and concerns.  When I made my decision about my next step in life, my only regret was that I knew it was time for my coaching to end. Client, Michigan.

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Coach LaVonne Dorsey

Coach LaVonne Dorsey

LaVonne asks me the right questions and encourages me to take smart risks and make the right sacrifices to work towards true happiness rather than settle for what I have or limit myself with my own fears.  In simple terms, LaVonne is an agent of change and a caring, savvy coach. — Lindsay.

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Coach Susan Epstein

Coach Susan Epstein

I couldn’t be happier!  Susan was a huge gift at a very critical time. A coach can quickly see what we don’t (or choose not to). A coach holds you accountable. If you mess up, well big deal- they are your goals anyway… but if someone is there saying- are you sure about that choice? You said you wanted blank, blank, blank… and can say it in a very nonjudgmental way- wow – it can really help you get on track!  I am very thankful for all Susan has taught me! — Debbie Kelly, Rutland, VT.

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Career Life Coach Bradley Foster

Coach Bradley Foster

I resonated with Brad in the first 10 minutes.  He listened to my concerns, my needs, and responded appropriately, even giving me some useful but small tips before we agreed to work together.  In short, I was more than comfortable. With each passing session, I got my focus back, my control, and my purpose.  He listened intently, and gave me suggestions that were gradually outside my comfort zone, to ease me into change.  — Dr. Josh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Business Career Coach CJ Liu

Coach CJ Liu

“I have worked with many coaches in my 35 year career, and have also been one myself on a number of occasions. I can say that CJ is easily the best coach I’ve ever seen or worked with. I’ve worked with her over the past 18 months on a wide variety of issues and opportunities, and she has consistently exceeded my high expectations every time.

“She brings a wide, and deep set of talents and skills to bear – and is very easy to work with. Her approach is well structured, but innovative and creative at the same time. She does hold clients responsible for meeting their own commitments, and this is a key to achieving success.  I can recommend CJ without reservation to anyone who is serious about their career or improving their life and skills.” — Hank Queen

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Coach Cameron Powell

Coach Cameron Powell

Usually the advisors skilled in business lack some of the more subtle skills necessary to help a client go through the growth needed to make it to the next level. And just as unfortunate, many people skilled in helping people grow are woefully inadequate in assisting with practical business matters.

What I really appreciate about Cameron Powell is his wide range of highly developed skills, and his simple, unadorned humanity. It’s the unique combination of qualities he has that allowed me to make breakthroughs in developing my business I’ve been waiting 20 years to make! — David Garfinkel, Founder, World Copywriting Institute.

Life Career Spiritual Coach Laura Svolos

Coach Laura Svolos

I needed help. Artists have mentors, musicians have master classes, athletes have trainers, but it seemed that business people were always in competition with one another. Then, I discovered coaching and the opportunity to engage a smart, experienced person who had only my success as their goal. In Laura, I found a balanced approach to the blend of practical and spiritual components that needed restoration. An excellent fusion of The Greek, The Buddha, The Christ, and an MBA – all put into an understandable, western vernacular… Thank you Laura. You helped me first regain the fun and beauty of living a rich, interesting life. – Brett Darken, President, North Star Films.

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Career Life Coach Will Wiebe

Coach Will Wiebe

“Since the very first day I started being coached with Will, I experienced positive changes in all areas of my life.  Will is very patient and kind, yet determined to have guided me to look deeper into my life, to learn from and grow a better understanding of areas that challenged me. Will’s continual encouragement allowed me to look at my life with a more positive attitude.  I started taking more responsibility for myself, and became bolder and more courageous then before.  Will coached me through a huge decision-making process and without his guidance and support; I would not be as confident and excited as I am now regarding the direction of my future.  Will is a magnificent life coach and has a tremendous gift to offer. Without a doubt I would recommend Will for any individual, group, or business for professional and personal life coaching.”  Amanda D.,  – Portland, Oregon.

Holistic Life Weight Loss Coach Christinay Winsey

Coach Christina Winsey

I am happy to whole heartedly recommend the coaching services of Dr. Christina Winsey.  I was quite impressed by her kind, caring, and professional service.  She was thoroughly prepared and started offering me valuable suggestions from the first minute .  Chris pointed out in a tactful manner what should have been obvious to me in my approach to my present prosperity situation… but was not (as is often the case!).  Chris did this in a way that was very centering and calming and got me focused on what I needed to do going forward.  Thanks so much for all your help, Chris.  You are a wonderful coach and whoever comes to you will be rewarded with finding one of the best coaches out there. — Ellen A. Mogensen, Marlton, NJ.

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