Career Life and Spiritual Coach Reviews – Wendy Billie

“Working with Wendy was fantastic! What I found most beneficial was the sense of clarity and direction I gained in terms of what it is that I want to do in life – the type of career I really want. Our conversations were thought provoking which allowed me to discover what I am good at, what I really like to do and enjoy and where I eventually want to en up in my career, my ultimate goal. The questions she asks force you to think in a way that allows you to come up with the answer so the ideas are yours and not someone else’s. What Wendy had me work on in between our sessions were purposeful and useful in helping me to refine and fine tine my personal brand and how I present myself to others. I now have a clear idea of what I need to be doing to bring myself closer to my ultimate career goal and I can truly say that career goal is my goal not my parent’s goal and not Wendy’s goal. If you are unhappy in your current situation or in need of a change I recommend working with Wendy because she has an incredible insight into others and her passion to help her clients achieve their own goals is clear from the very first conversation.”—Client from NYC

Wendy has a real vision for what it takes to help people see their forest despite the trees.  I really appreciate the conversations we had and will call her in the future as the road will inevitably fork again. –— Client from DC

When I first contacted Wendy, I was desperate for some guidance on how to deal with my daily work environment.  With Wendy, I quickly discovered the strength and resources I needed within myself to improve my daily work life but more importantly, I began to uncover the root issues.  On a day to day basis, Wendy helped me to take negative experiences and turn them into positive ones where I could showcase my unique passions and talents.  Beyond the daily task of turning those negative experiences into positive ones, however, Wendy helped me start a long term path to minimizing negative work experiences and maximizing positive.

I spend many of my waking hours at work, it is important that this time add to my quality of life.  I’m still not done with my professional evolution, who knows if I ever will be, but I know that with Wendy as a resource, I will continue to head in the right direction.  Wendy helped me discover that if I follow my true “authentic” self, I will always be on the right path. — Client from Connecticut

When I began working with Wendy, I felt like I was pulling myself in all directions – both in my professional and personal life. I couldn’t hear myself think to find out what I wanted or what was best for myself. Through her holistic coaching approach, utilizing her mind/body skills from yoga as well as professional development skills, working with Wendy helped me feel grounded and allowed me to move forward both in my career as well as in other aspects of my life.  — Client from DC (relocated to California)

Wendy gave me the confidence and clarity through her holistic approach to feel grounded and present to finally hear what I needed for myself both professionally and personally so I could move forward.” — Client from DC (relocated to California)

Wendy helped me articulate my strengths and experience in a professional, succinct manner.  When I was hesitant to promote myself, she encouraged me to be positive and clear.  Her “STAR” approach taught me how to share my stories effectively in an interview.  Most of all, she empowered me to clarify my own thinking.  —Client from Texas

When I came to coaching, all I knew was that I needed a change in my career, and in my life.  I had so many ideas and thoughts, and fears, about what to do next.  Wendy helped me prioritize my values, pointed out where I was being untrue to those values in my current career, and guided me to a change that is honest and authentic to who I am.  I was also amazed at how quickly I created a relationship with Wendy, and how easy it was to trust her with my fears and concerns.  When I made my decision about my next step in life, my only regret was that I knew it was time for my coaching to end.” –Client from Michigan

Coaching helped me get more confidence, and put into words what my life goals and dreams are.  It also helped me realize that I was on the right track, something I think we all need reassurance with sometimes. —Client from Washington, DC

I am a much better communicator within the business world and in my personal life.  She helped me see how I don’t have to give up my unique style. And, I realize now I create the positive energy within and around me which is such an empowering feeling.  Her energy and optimism truly were contagious.  — Client from Pennsylvania

Coaching has helped me establish a more focused path toward my career choice, and now, I’m on my way!  Thank you Wendy — Client from Illinois

Last Fall you (Wendy) had me trying to get to the core of what I wanted to do.  You helped me take the leap to pursue what I am most passionate about and a year later I am moving to the desert to work in golf.  The most important thing I was able to pull from our work together was the idea of always making small steps and small decisions that would at least move me in the direction I wanted to go.  Sometimes that direction would be altered from SSW to WSW but the compass face was always positioned in the same hemisphere.  I am still several years away from my ultimate goal of becoming a PGA certified instructor but I am one important step closer and I am very excited (and scared too).  Wendy, you have a real vision for what it takes to help people see their forest despite the trees.  I really appreciate the conversions we had and I hope I can call on you in the future as the road will inevitably fork again. —Client from DC now California

So I left DC in February, spent 5 months trying to figure out my next move, all the while networking in every possible direction.  I’ve worked for the past two months at a golf course doing outside labor/guest services work (hard and painful).  Today I was offered a position as an assistant golf pro at Bermuda Dunes.  This is a step on my dream path. Thank you!  —Client in Palm Springs, CA.

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