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I’m Wendy Billie, Feroce’s Washington DC career coach.  I have significant experience as a career and life coach, working with people who are either seeking advice on Life Career Coach Wendy Billiecareer transitions or ways to grow their current career.  In addition to coaching for Feroce, I currently teach yoga and guided meditation classes so I bring a holisitc approach to your career approach.  I have also provided advice and career counseling to MBA and undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

A “dream” career is not a myth

What if you chose the career you always dreamed of doing before someone else told you what you should pursue?  Career coach Wendy and a career coaching client we’ll call Tim recently had a breakthrough coaching discussion while reviewing the work behavior assessment Wendy had administered.  In the conversation, Tim, a former football player, discovered that his original career dream actually still matched hisbehavioral preferences.  The following is a follow-up email that Wendy sent Tim from Washington.  It highlights some “a-ha’s” from the coaching session and Tim’s “homework” to keep the coaching real.

Dear Tim,

Here are a few of the “aha’s” that I want you to spend some time thinking about.  Write down other times (related to work, family, school, or life in general) in which you have experienced the things that I have bolded so we can talk about it.

  • Being on your own may be an issue with your current work situation.  Being involved is important.
  • You like a structured work situation.  Yet you have always seen yourself as a free spirit.
  • You work alone.  But, you value the concept of teams and being in an environment where others are present.  You told me the last work situation in which you felt satisfied was when you held demonstrations and interacted with the staff.  This was out of your home office and in the presence of others…hint hint.  Plus, I bet you were teaching others.  And, in the next breath you told me that you always saw yourself as being a football coach. Hmm.
  • You said that you make a lot of money and live in a great neighborhood.  But, you also said many times that money was not important to you.  Your parent’s said that sales was a good fit for you.  Why?  Didn’t you say that maybe you were trying to show your parent’s that you could live a life not in debt?  Is it possible to live a life debt free without having significant abundance of money?  Tell me about a couple of times that you have had a great time in your life without an abundance of money.
Based on the work behavioral assessment, some great career fits for your work personality type according to research: (coach/trainer, police officer, sports equipment sales, child support/missing persons investigator, surgical technician).  Very cool!  [Tim currently is in medical device sales, but always wanted to be a coach].
These personality (work behavioral) assessments are only sound if a person has insight into who they are, so they are not absolute.  But, it is profound that what you always saw yourself doing came out in the assessment.  It is amazing how life’s demands and other people’s view of what we should do (to make money) can cloud our personal intuition.

Wendy now does most of her coaching from Minnesota.  Like nearly all career coaches, she coaches by phone, but she retains special knowledge of the Washington DC career scene.

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