Life and Career Coach Reviews — Certified Coach Will Wiebe

“Will listens with both his head and his heart. His advice is professionally spot-on and because he takes the time to intently listen, the advice is also tailored to each client’s needs. He was so helpful in guiding me to identify my strengths and my goals. The exercises he led me through allowed me to better equip myself for job interviews, because I had a clearer picture of what I could offer an employer as well as what I in turn wanted in from the potential job. I highly recommend Will as a career/life coach for anyone making a career transition!”

Tricia S. – University Campus Youth Dir. – N. Carolina

“Working with Will was an extremely positive experience. He is the consummate professional, leads by example, and provides valuable and useful advice. He is passionate about the work he does, and has the utmost respect for the whole person. Throughout my experience, I gained more value than I could have imagined. His vast storehouse of resources is amazing, and he has the uncanny knack of providing something right at the moment that you need it. His kindness and compassion weaves throughout every piece of his work.”

Carole L., – Marketing/PR Firm – Portland, Oregon

“Will is a great teacher, coach, cheerleader and all-around good guy. He inspires by example as well as by teaching. All of his recommendations/thoughts and suggestions have done much to motivate me to try and achieve my goals and aspirations. He is an excellent listener and contributor – always looking for feedback and to provide direction and guidance I have learned a lot in the short time I worked with him and would work with him again in the near future. I also admire his commitment to excellence and his ability to achieve his personal best. Best of luck in the Triathlon! – and again, thank you.”

Alex N. – NYC, New York

“Will helped me during a period I was in a difficult organization environment and needed to make some pivotal decisions. He used a series of simple assessment tools along with his personal experiences that helped me clarify what was really important in my professional and personal life. His personalized sessions were helped me greatly to progress toward my goals with confidence. Will is a fantastic individual who cares deeply about getting results for his clients. It’s nice to know there are people like him available to help create some focus in your life.”

Dorian S., Portland, Oregon

“Will is a highly effective, and experienced personal coach. The authenticity that he brings to the coaching relationship sets the coaching bar high — Will truly “walks the talk.” His personable approach to coaching helps to create a peaceful and creative atmosphere for a truly soul provoking coaching experience.” February 2, 2009

Michele R.,  – International Marketing/PR Firm – Washington DC

“Will has been along for the ride with my development of VocationVacations since nearly day-one. His contagious sense of enthusiasm, passion and commitment is unwavering. Never afraid of tackling the difficult or the “near impossible”, Will is always ready for the next challenge. I cannot recommend Will enough re: his career/life coaching abilities with our clients and how he manages our team of affiliated coaches — with ease, grace, hard work and always a loving sense of humor.”

Brian K., –  CEO/Founder – VocationVacations – Portland, Oregon

“Will is a supportive leader, mentor and coach. His qualities of integrity and authenticity make him a trusted and respected colleague. Overcoming personal challenges with energy, determination, and sportsmanship, Will is a role model both for clients and colleagues alike. He is a pleasure to work with and offers his best as a colleague and coach.”

Roberta T. – Life/Career Coach – Boston, Massachusetts

“Will is an inspirational, yet practical career coach. He leverages his vast experience and knowledge to help clients clarify and align their personal values with their career goals. I would highly recommend Will as a career and life coach.”

Heather I.,-  International Consulting – San Francisco, California< “Will Wiebe is one of the finest Career Coaches I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but his compassionate insights and incisive imagination are of great benefit to anyone fortunate enough to come under his guidance. Kim C. – Voice Recording Artist - Florida “I have worked with Will for over 4 years at VocationVacations. I have the upmost respect for Will's professionalism and compassion. I would highly recommend Will to any organization or individual looking for a Life/Career Coach. Lisa M., - Business Outreach - Austin, Texas “Will is a great coach. He is articulate, thoughtful and can accomplish much in a short amount of time. I have established attainable goals, cleaned out my office and doubled my sales since talking with Will. What a professional. Joyce R. - Los Angeles, CA “Will looks at the whole person and encourages his clients to incorporate balance into their lives. His warm demeanor and steady encouragement underscore each coaching session, where he provides hands on tools and action plans that will help you reach your goals.” Carol L. - Attorney - Columbus, Ohio “Will is a coach's coach. He takes a holistic approach and uses his skills and positive perspective to help clients achieve their goals. He facilitates self and career development to the great benefit of his clients. I highly recommend Will.” Jan J.  - Life/Career Coach - Medford, Oregon “Will is passionate about helping not only his clients grow but his colleagues as well. As the lead coach of VocationVacations, Will has selected and brought together coaches from all over the country to best serve our clients at VocationVacations. His dedication to his work is evident in everything he does, from selecting the right coach for each client, to ensuring that all of his colleagues continue to learn, grow and stay connected with each other.” Stefanie Z.  - Raleigh, North Carolina “Will is a dedicated and extremely caring individual who helps you hone your skills in deciding what direction you want to go in your life. He guided me through the process of finding my passion...and now I live it everyday! What a joy to be in business doing what you LOVE to do! Thanks Will!” Therese R. – Retired USAF Officer -  Washington DC “Will helped me understand that I needed to be completely balanced in all areas of my life, not just my career, to truly be fulfilled. Even after this realization, things did not improve for me immediately and both Will and I faced a huge obstacle, my own frustrations. Through Will’s persistence and patient methods, I was finally able to organize my thoughts in order to find that “spark” deep inside myself . Today, I am that much closer to achieving true balance in my life, including my “dream career” at some point. The uniqueness of the experience with Will is that we both fed off of each other’s ideas, thoughts, and experiences and created a truly complementary learning and life experience.” Fabian B., - V.P. JP Morgan Chase - New York City, NY “Will has a great capacity to listen with his head and his heart--providing clients with both the practical as well as the emotional support needed to make change and move forward. You can't ask for more than that from a coach! Besides, his sense of humor helps smooth the bumps in the road of life. With my blessings....” Eileen M. - Professional International Speaker/Consultant -  Irvine, California “The coaching Will has provided for me has been invaluable. Regular coaching sessions with Will have given me steady guidance and a means of progressive self-reflection through times of transition. Will is a compassionate and skilled listener who supports clients to find their own wisdom, answers and decisions. His coaching has helped me find the courage to live according to my values and strengths.” Mary R., - Graphic Arts Designer -  Portland, Oregon “I have known Will for several years and have been repeatedly struck by his thoughtfulness, expertise, insightful understanding of people's inner workings, and youthful enthusiasm for his work. He is a deep and exciting coach to work with.” Marco B., - Forestry Office, FAO, United Nations, Rome, Italy “Will, who I have known for over thirty years, has always given me truly wise counsel regarding many areas in my personal and professional life. He has a sharp mind and giving heart.” John M.  - Construction Business Consultant - San Diego, California “Through an intense process of self-evaluation and self-discovery, Will empowered me to realize my life purpose and the steps necessary to make my dreams a reality. His authenticity and compassion shines, even over the phone, and hiring Will as a Life Coach is one of the best investments that I've ever made. You certainly can't put a price tag on investing in your life!” Jessica C., - Life Coach / Career Coach - Los Angeles, California “Will is an excellent coach. His personal generosity is demonstrated in his leadership. He is ready with a positive contribution. His guidance, always sound. His "discovery" approach, open to possibilities, professionalism and knowledge bring a gentle, yet steady hand to the helm. I recommend him highly.” Leah H. -  Atlanta, Georgia “Will has an innate ability to draw people out of their shell and realize that oftentimes, they aren't looking at the positive sum of all of their abilities. He helps people see the big picture and helps them achieve their dreams. Will's coaching work has enabled many people to fully attain their potential, and then to transition their skill sets into encore careers which have proven to be very rewarding. On a personal level, he is thoughtful, insightful and intuitive, as well as engaging and down-to-earth. I'd recommend Will to anyone! Dawn R.  - Portland, Oregon “Will has a passion for helping people reach their highest potential in every area of their lives. He is compassionate, kind, wise and very insightful. I give him my highest recommendation as a coach and mentor.” Sue F., - Denver, Colorado “Will is a passionate and competent professional. His dedication to personal and professional development as well as his ability to formulate results with clients makes Will a sought after trainer and coach.” Carl. C., - Portland, Oregon "Will has a guiding manner that has been evident in our conversations.   His insight has led me to not give up on dentistry, but has inspired me to become a better leader.   I value his holistic approach where he looks at the “whole person” in affirming my worth and value as a human being.” Ronald S.  - Dentistry - Cleburne, Texas "I have known Will Wiebe, Life and Career Coach for two years. Within this last year, Will has used his life coaching skills and experience to guide me to a place of self discovery and a renewal of self-worth.   An integral part of this helping relationship process, Will always created an environment that provided a positive space of unconditional love, learning, growth and personal transformation. "I am truly thankful for the opportunity to move forward in my life.  I highly recommend Will to any individuals, groups, business, and corporations, who are looking at how to support individuals and their organizations to be at their best in living, learning and working." Gordon W.  - Architect - Portland, Oregon "Since the very first day I started being coached with Will, I experienced positive changes in all areas of my life.  Will is very patient and kind, yet determined to have guided me to look deeper into my life, to learn from and grow a better understanding of areas that challenged me . Will’s continual encouragement allowed me to look at my life with a more positive attitude.  I started taking more responsibility for myself, and became bolder and more courageous then before.  Will coached me through a huge decision-making process and without his guidance and support; I would not be as confident and excited as I am now regarding the direction of my future.  Will is a magnificent life coach and has a tremendous gift to offer. Without a doubt I would recommend Will for any individual, group, or business for professional and personal life coaching." Amanda D.,  - Portland, Oregon

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