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We talk to hundreds of prospective and actual clients every month.  We know change stretches a person.  It changes a person.  Change takes courage.  It takes self-discipline and a willingness to be accountable — for some people, for the first time — to yourselfyour childhood dreams, your young-adult hopes, to the wee small voice within you that whispers, “Why do I always do something other than what makes me happy?  When do I get to start living?”

Well, you get to start right now.  Your coach is your guide, protector, and mentor through this uncharted territory.  Your coach is fiercely committed to the enterprise of your becoming.  Coaching, it’s not too much to say, is a way of giving and receiving love and concern.  Can you let yourself accept that love and concern for your well-being, or will you worry you don’t deserve it?

Our Accountability and Yours.  Your first coach (of up to 2) will get back to you within about 8 business hours.  (Life-management tip:  put it in your calendar, and follow up with us if it doesn’t happen!  In fact, call the Head Coach, Cameron Powell, directly on his cell phone at (503) 502-5030. YOU are now the assertive one, the one who stops waiting passively by). If you change your mind about getting coached, please do us the great courtesy of letting us know.

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For sample materials on coaching and to start now the change in your life, download a FREE chapter from our Strategic Life Planning Handbook.  Our coaches use a variety of materials that, combined with the accountability to yourself that comes from the coaching relationship, will yield insightful results.  The Handbook is one of them.  If you and your coach wish, you’ll actually work through and profit from its exercises, including:

  • setting out your initial goals and vision for your life (Chapter 1)
  • clearing up any messiness in your life for a burst of energy and confidence (Chapter 2)

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