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Let’s first talk about the epidemic of carbohydrate addiction happening in this country and then we can go on to discuss how EFT can help.

High-fructose corn syrup is a sweetener found in most sodas and many other processed foods. In a new study on mice, this sweetener is shown to be at least partially the cause of insulin resistance.

How would you like to eat something that turns to fat quicker than sugar? Fructose is the culprit – it is metabolized into fat storage over glucose storage in the liver. What is worse, in the process it can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which then leads to an insulin resistance of the liver (“hepatic insulin resistance” and eventually type II diabetes!

New cases of diabetes have ballooned. The increase doctors have seen is 90% in the last ten years! One in four Americans is now afflicted with either pre-diabetes or diabetes. What are we doing to ourselves?

You Can Be Free!

On top of this, food – particularly sugar – is an addictive substance for those who have what used to be considered just an “alcoholic gene.” In fact, there are five major addictions, all of which are the same disease. Approximately 20% of the population is born with this “alcoholic gene”. What they’re born with is an inability, due to the right brain chemicals, to feel good. Called the “Reward Deficiency Syndrome,” the startling fact is that this syndrome is why all five addictions: alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling and work, become the “substance of choice” to feel good.

But I couldn’t end this discussion without urging that if you or someone you love or care about seems to have an addiction problem – if you even think there is one – please seek out an addiction expert in your area, or alcoholics anonymous (AA). AA has lists of meetings related to the other addictions as well.

Now let us turn to EFT and discuss how it can assist recovery:

EFT has worked for hundreds of my clients, over and over again, to stop the urgency of addictive cravings for sugar and carbohydrates as well as a serious cocaine addiction. EFT does not eliminate the fact that the person has been born with the reward deficiency syndrome. But EFT is a fabulous tool for eliminating the stressful triggers that upset addicted individuals and increase their need to use their addiction to feel better. They feel better with EFT and so some of the mental, emotional and even physiological changes that occur when using EFT have given my clients with addictive habits the ability to make the right choice.

Instead of diving into a hot fudge Sunday they may choose to call a supportive friend. Instead of smoking another cigarette (a drug to be sure) they may actually take a walk – anything that is pleasurable to them that they can fit into that time, even if it’s just looking at the sunset for a few minutes to calm themselves further. While this may seem simplistic, EFT has a powerful way of releasing stress, cravings and emotional upset within the body and body chemistry. Using tools like EFT not only relieve many of the stressful inner triggers to picking up sugar or any addictive substance, but it also “buys time”. EFT gives you a window of opportunity to make better choices and get support instead.

No, EFT doesn’t “cure” an addiction, but it is a powerful tool to aid the continued process of staying in recovery and peace. It has worked for me, for my clients and it can work for you! I am the resident Feroce expert on conquering negative habits, EFT and other mind-body tools for change and it would be my pleasure to assist you. You can read my full bio.

Coach Christina

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